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Improve the Lives of Families…and Your Own

Imagine starting your day looking forward to going to work. Imagine having a meaningful career that makes a lasting difference in the lives of parents and children. That’s what it’s like to work at Legacy Publishing Company. We’re the creators of The Total Transformation, America’s leading parenting program. We believe a better life begins with better relationships. It’s our mission, and our learning programs help families do just that. If you want to do work that matters and improve lives, check out our available positions.

Our Mission

A better life begins with better relationships. At Legacy Publishing Company, helping people improve their relationships is what we live and work for. We offer life-changing knowledge and daily personal support because we’ve “been there,” and we know that’s how great change happens. Our mission—with every customer and every member of our team—is to help them achieve the milestones of empowerment that improve a life, improve a relationship and therefore improve the world.

Our Bestselling Learning Programs

The Total Transformation Program

The Total Transformation
By James Lehman, MSW

What do you do when your child starts to talk back, lie and won’t listen to you? Where do you turn if your teenager is engaging in risky behaviors and won’t follow your rules? Kids don’t come with instruction manuals, and parents aren’t trained to manage challenging behaviors. The Total Transformation is a step-by-step behavior modification program that teaches parents how to manage challenging behaviors in children and teens. Now used by nearly 500,000 parents, grandparents and professionals, The Total Transformation offers a practical way to bring respect and peace back to your home.

The Calm Parent

The Calm Parent
By Debbie Pincus, LMHC

Sometimes the hardest part of parenting is keeping your cool when your kids are pushing your buttons. But you can’t simply “will” yourself to be calm. Often the harder you try, the more stressed out you get. Based on Bowen Family Systems Theory, The Calm Parent Program teaches parents how to separate themselves from the screaming, yelling and drama so they can be more effective. It includes practical lessons to help parents stay calm during stressful morning and evening situations such as getting children out of bed and arguing over homework.

Parental Support Line

Unlimited Personal Coaching for Parents When They Need It

Parents who purchase The Total Transformation Program have access to our Parental Support Line. This is a unique monthly service that offers parents unlimited, personal coaching in the program and support whenever they need it. Parents can speak with our coaches to get help with applying the program techniques to their child’s specific situation or just to get support from someone who understands what they’re going through. All of our professional coaches have extensive experience working with parents and families. With the Parental Support Line, parents are never alone.